How to ensure that your loved ones are truly delighted with your Diwali gift?

The season of celebration is here and the world is ready with a plethora Diwali gift ideas. But since every person is likely to gift every other person, heaps of mithai and dry fruits are more likely to be a burden! If you really wish to see a twinkle in the eyes of your family and friends, it is time to go beyond the conventional and try a unique gift that will help them celebrate long after the season is over.

Gift magical moments with the Imagica Gift Card

Adlabs Imagica, India’s first and only family holiday destination offers a range of Gift Cards to let your loved ones cherish an International Standard Experience at Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park. Moreover, you can gift the cards with just a few clicks.

Explore of world of fun and entertainment at Imagica Theme Park

With over 25 rides and attractions, Imagica Theme Park takes you on an exciting journey of fun, relaxation, dining and more. Your Gift Card can let your loved ones bump into Tubbby - the Elephant, Roberto - the Star Chef, the Lost Astronaut, Mogambo of Mr. India fame, the Gingerbread Man and many interesting characters.
Water Park

Get drenched in thrilling rides at Imagica Water Park

The Mykonos-themed Water Park invites you for a party every day with over 14 thrilling rides and over 7 restaurants waiting to serve you a delicious platter. At the park, your friends can take-on a fun-challenge at the Loopy Woopy fall or race through Zip Zap Zoom. Be it the loud yells at Yell-O or the free-fall in the Twisty Turvy, you can ensure that your loved ones never have a dull moment with your Diwali Card.

Feel the chills of snowy mountains at Imagica Snow Park

Sprawling over 30,000 sq.ft. with 100% natural snow, Imagica Snow Park is India’s largest snow themed park. Your Gift card lets your loved ones enjoy a game of snow basketball, slide down icy slopes, climb the snowy mountains or just sip some steaming coffee at -5oC temperature inside the 50 feet high snow dome!

5 reasons why the Gift Card is too good to gift

Adlabs Imagica Gift Cards let your loved ones enter a world of excitement, thrills and chills! It is a unique way where you can be sure that your Diwali gift will be loved and cherished by them forever. Besides, the Gift Cards offer you:
  • Convenience of gifting: Send a Gift Card to their doorstep or a digital version to their inbox.
  • Flexibility of choice: It is accepted at Theme Park, Water Park and Snow Park.
  • Ease of multi-use: It works like cash to buy tickets, merchandise and food.
  • An option to personalize: Express your wishes with your own unique message.
  • Extended validity of 12 months: Your loved can visit Adlabs Imagica till a year after you purchase the card.
Truly, Adlabs Imagica Gift Cards are so good, that you might never want to gift them.