Built for Kids
We asked ourselves why should a fairy tale be just words and pictures? Why can't a child live it, too? And that's how Imagica was born. A fairy tale set in a green, tiny valley of the Sahyadris, with joy, thrill, friendship and courage in abundance. And when your child embarks upon the Imagica journey, he/she will grow a little creative, a little curious and a little tough, of course, in a good way. And return with plenty happy stories to tell and memories to share.
Imagica is Built for Kids.

We have introduced a new ticket for Preschoolers!

We're making Imagica even more interesting for your little champions. For 599, preschoolers, aged 3 to 5, will receive entry to the Theme Park with complimentary access to Tubbby's Secret Party


- Rides & Attractions -

What's childhood without laughs and screams?
Whether your child is a mud-hugger, a verbal-machine, a first-bencher, a delicate darling, a keyboard-smasher, we have it all covered.
We have happily put in time and thought and travelled across the world to get varied rides and attractions ranging from rollercoasters to characters to carousels to water slides to lazy pools meant to turn those frowns upside and craft the happiest day for your child.

Built for Kids - Parade
The Grand Imagica Parade
Built for Kids - Tubbby Takes Off
Tubbby Takes Off
Built for Kids
Built for Kids
The Magic Carousel
Built for Kids
The Pirate Bay
Built for Kids
Happy Wheelss
Built for Kids
Bump It Boats
Built for Kids
Mambo Chai Chama
Built for Kids
Kiddie Pool
Built for Kids
Humpty's Fall

At Theme Park
  1. Tubbby's Secret Party
  2. Happy Wheelss
  3. Humpty's Fall
  4. The Magic Carousel
  5. Tubbby Takes Off
  6. Wagon-O-O-Wheel
  7. Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr
  8. Bump It Boats
  9. Cinema 360 - Prince of the Dark Waters
  1. I for India
  2. Loch Ness Expplorers
  3. Mambo Chai Chama - Crazy Tea Cups
  4. Motion Box Theatre
  5. Mr.India
  6. Save The Pirate
  7. Splash Ahoy!
  8. The Detective Bow Wow Show
  9. The Grand Imagica Parade
  1. The Imagica Stars
  2. B-boyers
  3. Hip Hop Dancers
  4. BMX Bikers and Skaters
  5. Acrobats
  6. Magicians
  7. Unicyclists
  8. Stilt Walkers
  9. Jugglers
  10. Clowns
At Water Park & Snow Park
  1. Splash
  2. Zooballoo
  3. Floatsa
  4. Kiddie Pool
  5. Wacky Waves
  6. The Pirate Bay
  7. Boomerango
  8. Real Snowfall
  9. Snow Castle



- Food & Beverages -

Kids are fussy. And fussier about food. But that's what makes it fun.

Built for Kids

Breakfast with the Imagica Stars

We know kids enjoy watching cartoons while eating. So we took them out of the TV and brought them straight to Imagica. Every morning, as the clock strikes 10, Tubbby, Roberto and the rest of the gang, march down The Square at our in-Park luxury stay destination, Hotel Novotel Imagica. They interact with and entertain your little ones, while serving them a hearty king-sized breakfast.
Built for Kids

Built for Kids

Kiddie Menus

Our super smart chefs, who also double as play experts, have designed a special menu to satify your little ones' little tummies. Whether they prefer Roberto's healthy Indian food, Zeze's flavoursome African dishes or Red Bonnet's classic American burgers & fries, we have them covered. Our nine themed restaurants stretched across the Theme, Water and Snow Park will take your kids to a new world with every bite.
Built for Kids


Built for Kids
Built for Kids

- Themed Events -

Tubbby's Secret Party

Tubbby's Secret Party

Now here's a party that kids love and grownups envy. A party where animals and princesses are not just props, but hosts too. Where cupcakes and cookies are plenty and magicians and performers entertain endlessly.
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Big Big Birthday Picnic

Big Big Birthday Picnic

May we suggest you celebrate your kid's next birthday with a picnic to Imagica. Because with happier birthdays, your kid will get a free entry as a birthday gift and the rest of the kids get a 15% discount. And did we mention the party place with grand decoration and Imagica stars to celebrate the cake cutting ceremony? Plans start at Rs.1999 per head, your kids' big day can become Godzilla-big by clubbing two of his/her favouritest things together, birthdays and picnics.
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Built for Kids
Built for Kids
Built for Kids
Built for Kids
Built for Kids


- Delightful Gifts -

The journey will end. The experience won't.

Built for Kids
Built for Kids

We make sure that an amazing day ends on an amazing note. With a dedicated store, Imagica Stores that offers over 100 Imagica merchandise ranging from school stationary to soft toys to apparel, your child has ample reasons to relive Imagica.
It may interest you that the 10,000 ton hammer has been lifted by a few thousand kids already.
And, in case, your kid terribly misses Imagica, it'd be great to just revisit the park.