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Early Bird Offer
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Enjoy 15% savings when you book 15 days in advance.

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Early Bird Offer at Theme Park

Early Bird Offer at Water Park

Offer details

The Early Bird offer is valid when tickets are booked 15 days in advance of the date of visit.
Valid on Regular and Express tickets to Theme Park and Water Park.
Date of visit must be 15 days or later from booking date.
Not valid on preschooler or college student tickets.
Not valid on deal days, packages, add-ons, and other promotional tickets.
Not valid for special events, and blackout days.
No two offers can be clubbed together.
Limited period offer. T&C apply.


Amazing Experiences at Imagica

If you're visiting Mumbai or Pune, your trip is incomplete without a visit to one of the best places to spend quality time with your family and friends.

Theme Park

Theme Park
From a floorless roller coaster to a helicopter ride over India to laser shooting Alibaba’s Chorrs, find a different theme in each of the 25 rides and attractions and celebrate with the characters of Imagica Theme Park.

Water Park

Water Park
Our Mykonos themed Imagica Water Park is the perfect place for you to twist, turn, splash or merely float around all day. Take a pick from 14 enjoyable rides and experience some of the most exciting things to do near Mumbai and Pune for the whole family.

Snow Park

Snow Park
Experience real snow at -5 degrees cold right next to the city, at India's largest indoor Snow Park. Note: the Early Bird offer is not applicable on Snow Park tickets.

Stay and Travel Options

Novotel Imagica

Novotel Imagica
Located a few steps from the Parks, and actually within the Imagica area, a variety of premium services await you. Choose from a selection of packages that all include entry to Theme Park and Water Park for your weekend stay!

Travel from Mumbai/Pune

Travel Options
Imagica is located off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, making it a breeze to get to and from Mumbai and Pune.
Located approx. 90 minutes away from both cities, not only is Imagica easily accessible by your own vehicle, we also offer great deals on car packages, and bus tickets.