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Imagica Freestyle Event

Featuring Arūnas 'Aras' Gibieža

One of the world's most aspiring young stunt riders, Aras will perform at Imagica Theme Park, showcasing his prowess with free-style biking skills and hair-raising tricks. You could win a chance to click a selfie with Aras.  

Time & Location

Aras will perform at Theme Park on 15th May, between 11am to 1pm. Every Theme Park ticket includes free entry to the event. Promotion closed »

Event Highlights

  • Biking
  • BMXing
  • B-Boying
  • Dance performance
  • And lot more fun

Arūnas 'Aras' Gibieža

He never gives up, no matter the conditions. He constantly moves forward and never looks back. He discovered his passion for motorbikes at the age of 10 when his grandfather bought him his first scooter, a Suzuki RG50. Arūnas soon realised that speed and extremeness were his calling.