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Explore preferred hotels near Imagica and select from recommended all-inclusive stay & ticket packages and room options for families and groups.

Novotel Imagica Khopoli

Located just a few steps away from the Parks, Novotel Imagica is our luxurious on-premise hotel, offering world-class accommodation and services. Explore exclusive Packages featuring tickets for all guests to Theme Park and Water Park + stay at Novotel Imagica with complimentary breakfast.
Packages start at 10250* per night for two guests.
* Plus taxes as applicable

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Novotel Imagica



Partner Hotels & Packages

We understand that our guests want stay options, so we’ve partnered with a number of quality hotels near Imagica to provide more room options.
Choose from these quality hotels when you choose to visit Imagica.
Packages for two guests start at 5400 per night + taxes.
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Exclusive Stay & Ticket Packages from 5400

Imagica and Musafir have partnered to create a set of travel itineraries to suit the varied needs of our guests.
Packages start at just 5400/night for two guests.
Each Package includes a ticket to Imagica and a room night’s stay.
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