Minimum Height

137cm (54")

132cm (52") or taller, if accompanied by an adult Pregnant women are not allowed.

To the moon and back in India's first dark roller coaster ride!

Hop on to this high adrenaline rollercoaster that takes you into outer space. You will get launched into deep space among galaxies and black holes zipping through various planets and meteors. This coaster is uniquely constructed inside a massive dome, which itself is a sight from miles away. The Deep Space coaster works on the Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) magnetic launch. Unlike a normal roller coaster, which makes a slow first climb, this dark coaster will shoot you to crazy speeds in a matter of mere seconds. So, gear up for this truly out- of- this- world experience! Travel around the galaxies and perhaps anti-gravity pull may take you to a black hole. Enter the amazing galactic world and forget the chain of time with the Deep Space, a Dark Roller Coaster ride. Come and experience the unseen at Adlabs Imagica, the most popular place to visit in Mumbai.