Events and Performances at Imagica

Every nook and corner of Imagica exudes bursts of magic throughout the day. Stay tuned to the announcements and don't forget to catch performances by some amazing talent from the country and beyond.

B boyers


Every move they make will knock you off your feet.
Step up with life as the B boyers compel you to shake a leg. Get blown by them!

Hip hop dancers

Hip hop dancers

These hip- hoppers will blow your mind as they work their moves on the grooviest numbers in town.
Get your move on already!

BMX Bikers and Skaters

BMX bikers and skaters

Your eyes will barely be able to catch up with their roller blades and BMX bikes, check out these guys do their thing on all sorts of slopes and slides, whirling and shooting in air.



You could've never imagined a human possibly doing the tricks with their bodies the way these guys pull off.
Don't miss the acrobats for an absolute visual treat!

Magic Show

Magic show

What's Imagica without a little bit of Magic, eh! Experience the most out- of- this- world magic tricks, which you might have seen only in movies yet.