Hot Wheels Nitro

Get a ride on India's biggest, baddest roller coaster!

  • Hot Wheels Nitro
  • Hot Wheels Nitro
  • Hot Wheels Nitro
  • Hot Wheels Nitro
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Roller coaster with high speed drops, curves, and loops
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Get ready for India's biggest and wildest roller coaster, the Hot Wheels Nitro. Standing at a staggering 132-feet high with over 2800 feet of track length, Hot Wheels Nitro provides an adrenaline rush during the 150 seconds of pure excitement! It goes through five exciting inversions and loops.

Atop this crazy roller coaster, you'll find a 'ground' for yourself but we bet you'll lose it soon. Sip pure exhilaration on the simulated flying chair that spins and rotate, come and experience a free fall in the Hot Wheels Nitro, an awesome roller coaster ride at Adlabs Imagica!
Min. height: 132cm (52")
Pregnant women are not allowed
View additional restrictions at the ride entrance