Minimum Height

107cm (42")

81cm (32") or taller, if accompanied by an adult

Join a crazy tea party in a classic Tea Cups experience!

Mambo Chai Chama - Imagica Theme Park Rides Mambo Chai Chama, which means 'crazy tea party' is a classic tea cups attraction with a twist. True to its name, this ride has tea cups spinning around in frenzy. If you are feeling adventurous, you could make your tea cup spin faster for a super exciting experience. So, kids, pull in your parents, because age is not a bar when you are having loads of fun. Swing and spin, twirl and whirl in these Crazy Tea Cups called Mambo Chai Chama. A perfect family ride, these tea cups serve excitement and adventure. So hop on for loads of classic fun and make sure to visit Adlabs Imagica, a popular picnic spot near Mumbai-Pune Express Highway.