Minimum Height

132cm (52")

102cm (40") or taller, if accompanied by an adult Pregnant women are not allowed.

Experience Mr. India in animation along with immersive motion simulation technology!

Once again, Mogambo khush hua! Why? Mr. India is back! And so are Seema, Calendar, and the kids along with a new side-kick robot, Toota Phoota. And, they are faced with yet another battle against terror. So, get on to Mr. India's iconic car for an adventurous ride and help him fight against evil. While the animated film of Mr. India plays on the screen, you feel every bump and dip, push and shove of this adventurous journey right in your car, making this attraction the most immersive film viewing experience you have ever had! Incepted for the first time in India, the immersive motion simulation technology lends an absolutely new way of experiencing Mr. India's contemporary adventure. Get ready for some new age "Hawa-Hawai".