Minimum Height

132cm (52")

110cm (43") or taller, if accompanied by an adult Pregnant women are not allowed.

Go on an expedition in the pre-historic times to find the mighty Rajasaurus!

Rajasaurus River Adventure - Imagica Theme Park Rides Dr. Roy, a renowned scientist is obsessed with dinosaurs; the mighty Rajasaurus in particular. Join this mad scientist in his quest for the greatest discovery of his life, and yours too! Transport yourself to the world of ferocious dinosaurs by riding this unnerving water boat adventure packed with sudden twists and ambush turns. Beware of the Rajasaurus, a dinosaur mightier than the T-Rex, who doesn't see you as tourists, but lunch! So, bon voyage and hope you make it back to our world safely! If you are still hunting for a good place to visit in near Mumbai/Pune, then think no more! Imagica transports you to pre-historic times with Splash Ride, where an unruly dinosaur, Rajasaurus awaits your arrival! Have a look at the wild, swampy world that has its own dangerous twists and turns at Imagica.