Streets of Imagica

Catch street performances by amazing talent from the country and beyond

Imagination and magic are instilled in every brick and pebble of Imagica. As you hop from one attraction to another, catch these entertainers on the streets of this interesting Theme Park who will make sure you don’t have a single dull moment at Imagica.

Imagica Grand Parade

Grand Imagica Parade
One of the biggest attractions, the Parade is a spectacular experience with characters and performers dancing through the lanes of Imagica. The Parade is not held in rains/inclement weather and low season.


Magicians Find various illusionists tricking your mind and conjuring and vanishing objects in thin air to get a quick feel of magic in Imagica.


Unicyclists Our entertaining unicyclist keeps doing new moves on his wheels. Wanna learn?

Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers Enter a world of wonder as you suddenly encounter stilt walkers face-to-face (legs in this case) strolling the streets of Imagica. You might have to pinch yourself to know if it’s really true!

Jugglers & Clowns

Jugglers & Clowns What is entertainment without a few old school clowns and jugglers! They are super excited to perform their tricks for you lovely Imagicans.

Balloon Men

Balloon Men A balloon is not just a balloon; it can be many things! Go the balloon man at Imagica and request him to blow up balloons in various shapes and sizes that suit your fancy!

Living Statues

Living Statues Is it a statue? Or is it a real being? Look closely and be prepared to be completely taken by surprise.