Ticket Prices

In addition to standard prices below, you can avail upgrades for each Park - Express tickets, travel services, food vouchers, or mini-activities and experiences. Prices are subject to change, and do not include taxes.
Theme Park
From 999/adult and 1099/child
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Water Park
From 599/adult and 799/child
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Multi-Park combo
From 1099/adult with 4 Parks + meal vouchers
Save up to 24% with this combo package
Deal Days
Happy Tuesdays at Theme Park
from 999
Wat-A-Wednesday at Water Park & Theme Park
from 599
Imagica Passport
For 2499, get 4 visits a year + discounts on merchandise, add-ons, & paid attractions
Ghar Se Ghar Tak
All-in-one packages with tickets + all day meals + pick up & drop + Expressway tolls for 4 or 6
Explore New Attractions
House of Stars, Glowmagica, Eyelusion, and Snow Park
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