Tubbby's Secret Party





Tubbby is hosting a party for all kids, where they can have an hour of limitless fun with food & entertainment.

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Pictures with Imagica Stars & props

Pictures with flying elephant,
a talking dog, and a chef lion...
Something your kid will flaunt at school for
days and cherish for life.




A Magic Show

For the little ones it's not as important to reason,
as to watch and wonder. At this party they get to
watch a magic show and some tricks that fill their
tiny eyes with awe and curiosity.




Delicious Quick Bites

Food that looks as cute as the little ones and makes
them want to just grab it. No kid goes back from
Tubbby's party with an empty tummy.






10% off at Arrmada for the parents

Wish you were a kid, too? Don't worry, we
have a little surprise for you too.
Enjoy a relaxing evening at Arrmada with
a 10% off, while your kids have a time of
their childhood.


When and Where
The Party is held once a day, every day from 1pm to 2pm.
The Party room is next door to The Imagica Capital.

Reserve Your Tickets

Getting access to Tubbby's exclusive Party for your kids is easy as pie.

Book your tickets, and on the add-ons screen, select the number of Tubbby's Secret Party add-ons, one for each child attending.

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