Imagica – Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala

A perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala


A perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai, Pune and Lonavala


The ideal family holiday destination with a theme park, water park, snow park and Novotel Imagica, all at the same place!

Badi Interesting Jagah Hai as there’s something for everyone at Imagica.

Weekend Getaway - Imagica Theme Park

Imagica Theme Park - Weekend Thrill

  Talk to a dog? Check. Fly with an elephant? Check. One of the best places to visit near Mumbai, Pune or Lonavala, spend quality time with your kids as they find an open space away from the city. From a floorless roller coaster to a helicopter ride over India to laser shooting Alibaba’s Chorrs, find a different theme in each of the 25 rides and attractions and celebrate with the characters of Imagica Theme Park.
Weekend Getaway - Imagica Water Park

Imagica Water Park - Weekend Party

  Love playing in the water? So do we! Our Mykonos themed Imagica Water Park is the perfect place for you to twist, turn, splash or merely float around all day. Take a pick from 14 enjoyable rides and experience some of the most exciting things to do near Mumbai and Pune for the whole family.
Weekend Getaway – Imagica Snow Park

Imagica Snow Park - Weekend Chill

  Snow fall is a rare sight near Mumbai and Pune, right? Not here! Head to Imagica Snow Park and experience real snow in minus 5 degrees cold right next to the city. Choose as an Add-On package when you’re visiting Imagica theme park or waterpark or as a single attraction while you’re passing through Khopoli.
Weekend Destination - Imagica Novotel Hotel

Novotel Imagica - Luxury Weekend

  Move base to Novotel Imagica for a couple of nights and fall into a deep, relaxing slumber. Located right adjacent to the parks, a variety of services await you. Choose from a variety of packages including entry to Theme and Water parks for your long stay or if you’re just passing by.